Glendale First! was formed in 2012 as a political action committee in opposition to a referendum (R-12-01) that would have resulted in the Phoenix Coyotes leaving Glendale.

Some Glendale First! Members

Some Glendale First! Members

Since then, we have been involved in three other similar actions.

We won four out of four times.

Now that a long term arena management agreement is in place and the future of Westgate and the Coyotes is assured, it’s time to expand our efforts in Glendale.

Fundraising is a fact of life for political organizations, Glendale First! is no exception.

We are planning a series of fundraising events to, hopefully, retire the debt the committee incurred during the successful opposition to Proposition 457 and all of the anti-Coyotes referendums.

Besides the Proposition 457 ballot measure defeat, the concerted efforts of Glendale First! were instrumental in defeating three referendums aimed at disallowing arena management use agreements between the City of Glendale and various parties.

Glendale First! and it’s members remain extremely active in the community, including founding the Desert Hockey Development organization pledged to give back to Glendale while growing the sport of hockey.