The $500,000 paid to Jamison every game fallacy

Glendale First! is aware that one of the “talking points” of the people circulating the petition to negate the arena lease deal between the City of Glendale (CoG) and the Jamison group for the Coyotes hockey club is that CoG will have to pay Jamison $500,000 for each game played at This isn’t true, […]

NHL Commissioner Comments On Coyotes Ownership, Chastises Goldwater Group

by Pete Holby • Jun 23, 2012 2:22 PM MST from Desert Dirt NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was interviewed by Rob Kerr of Sportstalk 960 while attending the NHL Draft over the weekend, and he had comments about the ongoing Coyotes ownership/arena saga. He also had some harsh words for the Goldwater Group, the watchdog […]

Yeah, Moyes IS The Bad Guy

Contributed by Bea Wyatt I decided to look into when it was that Goldwater Institute (GWI) started to interject themselves into the Coyotes/NHL/Glendale negotiation process. In combing through the GWI, I discovered the first time that GWI Got “on the record” in this matter was (according to GWI) February 26, 2009. On that day, Carrie Ann Sitren was speaking […]

Goldwater is flouting discretion by suing

FROM THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC June 10, 2012 by E. J. Montini, columnist There are hundreds of “think tanks” in the United States. The Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute is becoming one of the most famous. Or infamous. And it’s not because the Goldwater folks are really good at “thinking.” It’s because they’ve gotten really good at suing. […]

What difference do the Coyotes make to Glendale?

Not only do the Coyotes bring a lot of visitors into the City of Glendale, this past season, with admittidly the lowest attendance in the NHL, the total attendance was 663,366 hockey visitors. Those visitors are paying customers, who spend money in Glendale. And as it turns out a lot of money.   That spending turns in […]